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Who are we?

Kriptomeda is a leading crypto & blockchain news media company. Based out of Istanbul, it is the publisher for the globally celebrated Cointelegraph’s Turkish Chapter and owns two major local news outlets: Coinkolik.com provides content covering the future of money, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralized applications, and BTCHaber.com brings the latest on crypto money and blockchain. Kriptomeda prides to be the only Turkish omnichannel advertising partner to global brands. Its YouTube channel, BTCHaber TV, airs numerous programs that appeal to different interests and demographics within industry-centric audiences. CoinBilgi.net, an online library for digital finance, and Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek (Decentralized Future) for entertaining and educational audio and video content targeting the web3 enthusiast.









What are we doing?

We publish news and analysis on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and finance, including Bitcoin. We make news about sectoral developments in Turkey and in the world, and we also include analyzes on the ecosystem. We create resources so that our readers can act with correct information and follow the agenda moment by moment.

How do we do this?

With the content of expert editors and writers, we continue to be the center of reliable journalism in the rapidly developing crypto money ecosystem in Turkey, and we bring new perspectives to developments in the ecosystem with news and evaluations.

While doing all this, we act with the mission of “responsible broadcasting” without making any concessions from the principles of journalism and impartiality.

Our Publications

Cointelegraph Turkey, the leader in the world offers you the latest news and analysis on the future of money in Fintech, Blockchain, and Bitcoin.


Since 2019, it has been producing original articles and content with its wide writer staff consisting of industry-leading experts, academics, and lawyers.


Coinkolik is a news platform that independently informs its followers with content covering the future of money, such as cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and decentralized applications.


BTCHaber’s YouTube channel BTCHaber TV, which brings the latest news about crypto money and blockchain together with its readers, features programs that appeal to different interests on the axis of the sector.


CoinBilgi is the library of the crypto money world. You can easily access crypto money guides, detailed information about stock markets, technical contents, biographies in the sector and many different topics.


Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek comments on the developments, innovations, and industry news that take us to the future like a podcast every week for you.



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